但學校裡要寫功課, 不寫不成呀!

從一天 10 句開始, 隨便寫什麼都好, 就是不能停下來一直想, 要一直不停的寫 10 句。
10 句寫順了, 再加成 15 句。


這是第一個小短篇, 看篇幅大概兩天寫完的。


Dragon Island I - Flame’s Flight

Once upon a time of dragons, there lives a baby Flame dragon called Flame on Dragon Island. He had brown hair shaped like a campfire; he also had tiny white horns, and tiny red wings. His scales were Flame red, and his four little legs can hardly carry his weight. And at the end of his toes, he had brown little claws; at the end of his tail, he had a little spike.

Today, his dad took him to the volcano to learn to fly. He was very excited because it was the first time ever to take flight.

His dad did the example by flying to the next volcano and flying back. After his dad came back, he took flight, but he was very slow. He was breathless by the time he got to the other side. Then he took flight back to his dad. But when he had almost made it, his wings gave away and he fell out of the sky.

He shouted for his dad, his dad came for him and caught him. But a firebird dragon swooped out of nowhere and his dad had to dodge out of the way. But Flame fell out of his dad’s back and a lot of other firebird dragons swooped on top of him blocking his vision of his dad. So down he fell. He flapped his wings helplessly. Then he fell on the ground with a huge thud and just lied there.

When Flame woke up, it was already midnight. He got up and looked around but everything he saw was darkness. So he decided to light them up. He pawed the ground until he found a piece of wood and lighted it up. Flame lighted the entire place… He was at the foot of volcano. There was no sign of his dad.

“Strange,” Flame said, “dad should have taken me home to our flame habitat by now. Has anything happened to him?”

Flame walked around looking for a cave, but there was none. Then he realized that there were lava stones all around him. Suddenly the answer came to him, “the volcano exploded, made a lot of lava stones and formed a cave shielded me in!”

He looked for a way to get away but didn’t find any. So he held up the flaming stick and saw that there is a gap in the stone above him. Because his fire was running out and he didn’t have enough power to light another one. So he decided to wait to the morning. When the sun shines in, he can see better.

Next morning, Flame finally see the whole cave, the stones was an arch over his head. Then his eyes fell on some rocks that will be perfect footholds to climb up to a flat place that is high enough for him to fly. So he started to climb up.

Flame took flight, and he flew to the gap between the rocks and climbed out, “finally!” Flame said.

Suddenly a firebird dragon flew out of nowhere, it was their neighbor Phoenix!

“Phoenix!” shouted Flame.

Phoenix swooped down and said, “Flame! I’ll take you home.” and took him on his back, then flew home.

After that, Flame lives happy forever.


寫了這個後, 越寫越開心, 畫了很多龍, 讀了好幾本龍書,
現在, 第二篇的篇幅已經是第一篇的三倍多了, 還沒結束。

希望書寶可以繼續寫, 不只練寫字, 也把腦子裡的世界寫出來。

ps. 第一張圖裡的龍是書寶最近畫的, 跟這個故事無關。如果書寶畫了 Flame, 再換過來。


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